Bodnik Bows Warranty

All Bodnik Bows, every one, is carefully handmade by skilled, custom craftsmen. The bowyers pour their experience, skills, and passion into building our beautiful traditional bows. We are 100% confident in the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and performance of our bows. For this reason, we have redefined the "lifetime” of all Bodnik Bows and have implemented a guarantee that is fitting for bows such as these that meet our high standards. Here is how the legendary 30-year Bodnik Bows guarantee came to be. No matter how careful you are with the selection of your materials and the actual construction of traditional bows, we have to accept that when you’re working with natural materials and when there are so many complex steps in the manufacturing process, sometimes a bow can have problems. With this iron clad guarantee, Bodnik Bows is setting a new standard worldwide. The Bodnik Bows 30-Year Guarantee is the only one of its kind in the world and has made Bodnik Bows famous for offering such a generous guarantee! Everyone hopes that they never have to take advantage of a guarantee – But the importance of a 30-Year guarantee becomes evident if you ever need to use it! As the exclusive distributor of Bodnik Bows we assure together with the international network of dealers, that if you ever need to take advantage of the Bodnik Bows Warranty, they will make the process as smooth and painless as possible. All Bodnik Bows manufactured from 01-01-2012 and on are guaranteed for 30-years under the following conditions.

The warranty covers:

  • Broken limbs
  • Delamination of limbs
  • Cracks in limbs and limb laminations
  • Broken risers
  • Cracks in risers
  • Broken bow tips or bow tip overlays


Warranty exclusions:

  • Twisting of the limbs after 6 months of use
  • Optical limitations in the clarity of the glass
  • Grossly negligent or intentional destruction or damage to the bow
  • Repair of obvious signs of use and wear


Immediate negating of the warranty:

  • Any drilling, grinding, or filing done to the bow which was not performed by Bodnik Bows
  • Any grossly negligent or willful destruction or damage caused to the bow Guarantee



  • Bodnik Bows may elect to make repairs to your bow
  • Bodnik Bows may decide to exchange of the bow for either an identical model or an equivalent bow model. (If the same bow model is no longer built.) 


Warranty processing:

If you bought your bow at a BEARPAW dealer, please contact him directly by e-mail or phone. If you have bought your bow from us, you can contact us directly. Please fill out the returns form as a first step. The BEARPAW team has to check in advance which procedure is suitable for the case at hand. As soon as you have received information from our team, you can return the bow to us free of charge. It is desirable if you include the invoice of the bow or a copy of it. This will make the process much easier for us. With this you have done your part for the handling of the warranty. Your bow will be subjected to a thorough inspection. If it is possible, we will repair your bow and make it fully functional and ready for use. You will not incur any costs for this. If this is not possible, the bow will be exchanged for an identical or equivalent bow model (if the same bow model is no longer built). You will not incur any costs for this either, we take over 100% of the costs for you. Afterwards we will send you the repaired or new bow again. The shipping costs will be paid by us. 


BLS Guarantee

BLS Complete Bow

Years of know-how meets innovation: In cooperation with Bodnik Bows, BEARPAW PRODUCTS was able to realize the BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM - an idea that has set the goal of providing only the best products for archery. The Bodnik Bows brand has established itself as a global player in recent years. The relationship between Bodnik Bows and the avant-garde and innovation-oriented minds at BEARPAW PRODUCTS today, enables a Take-Down system that combines the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. The experienced bow makers at Bodnik Bows guarantee their own highest quality standards with each limb and provide their expertise with every movement. Meanwhile, BEARPAW PRODUCTS provides the MOHAWK risers and is so convinced of the quality that a 30-year guarantee is warranted here as well. You can assemble a BEARPAW riser with your desired Bodnik Bows limbs, as you wish. For BEARPAW PRODUCTS, archery means variety and different demands. The purpose of the BLS is to honor diversity and unite individual demands and ideas.


  • BEARPAW PRODUCTS grants a 30-year guarantee for all risers of a complete bow of the BLS. Signs of wear and tear, damage caused by gross negligence or willful behavior are excluded from the guarantee.
  • Bodnik Bows gives a 30-year guarantee for all limbs of the BLS. This applies to breaks, cracks, and delamination. Signs of wear and tear, damage caused by grossly negligent or intentional behavior or twisted limbs are excluded from the guarantee.
  • The guarantee is provided through replacement or repair.
  • The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply regardless of it.


BLS Risers

The Mohawk risers of the BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM come from BEARPAW PRODUCTS. Thanks to the expertise and know-how of our partner Bodnik Bows, they meet the conventional, highest quality standards. We at BEARPAW are aware of this quality and are 100% convinced of it. For this reason, BEARPAW PRODUCTS gives a 30-year guarantee on all our Mohawk risers of the BLS.


  • Signs of wear and tear, damage caused by grossly negligent or willful behavior are excluded from the guarantee.
  • The guarantee is provided by replacing or repairing the riser. The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply regardless of it.


BLS Limbs

Every single limb of the BLS is built by hand in the Bodnik Bows production. The famous 30-year Bodnik Bows guarantee proves that Bodnik Bows stand for the quality of every single one of their handcrafted limbs with their commitment. The quality and performance of the Bodnik Bows has been 100% convincing for years. For this reason, Bodnik Bows offers a 30-year guarantee.


  • Bodnik Bows grants a 30-year guarantee against breaks, cracks, and delamination for all Bodnik Bows limbs.
  • Signs of wear, damage due to grossly negligent or willful behavior or twisted limbs are excluded from the guarantee.
  • The guarantee is provided by replacing or repairing the limbs. The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply regardless of it


Penthalon Guarantee

All Penthalon bows are insured against breakage and delamination for 2 years under the guarantee. Twisted limbs must be reported to BEARPAW PRODUCTS within 2 weeks of purchasing the bow using the returns form or by telephone. Retailers are obliged to check the delivery immediately upon receipt in order to report any defects within the specified deadlines. Complaints will only be accepted within these guarantee periods.

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