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When you start to sweat during training. The archery glove Dynamic from the Sports collection allows you a pleasant wearing comfort and... more
When you start to sweat during training.

The archery glove Dynamic from the Sports collection allows you a pleasant wearing comfort and a sporty look. Through the processing of simple textile materials, you have a glove, which is robust, abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant. In colder temperatures, the Sport archery glove also keeps you warm. It is made of polyester and with cordura on the tips. Due to the uncomplicated nature and small pores of polyester, the fabric is very easy to clean (repels dirt or water). Therefore, this material is ideally suited to give you a suitable equipment to the hand. Cordura is a very robust and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric. The slightly roughened surface gives a pleasant feel. It is quick drying and water repellent, so that moisture rolls off. Another advantage: After your workout you can clean the sports gloves without hesitation in the hand wash.

Our leather and textile products are handmade in Pakistan. The consistent top quality and working conditions on site are non-negotiable for BEARPAW. Employees receive insurance for themselves and their families and all receive a secure income through permanent employment. The salary of the local employees is three times higher than the average for this region. Each employee has been carefully selected - they are true experts in their field. This is very noticeable in the high-quality workmanship, consistent quality as well as a noble appearance of the products.

In our leather and textile collection, we pay special attention to the selection and sourcing of materials. To bring sustainable, high-quality and well-designed products to the market, we use only "REACH-compliant" materials. REACH-compliant products and articles are those that meet all the conditions of the EU Chemicals Regulation. For all materials, we try to source locally and consider short transport distances. Furthermore, our partner in Pakistan is "B Corp" and "BSCI" certified! "B Corp" is an international certificate with which the non-profit organization "B Lab" awards companies for their social and environmental impact. The aim of "BSCI" is to improve working conditions worldwide. A specific code of conduct must be adhered to within the supply chain.

The right thread makes the difference: The seams of our products are processed with "German Gütermann thread". This is no coincidence, as this thread is particularly tear resistant. Each product is embossed by hand. We emboss with precisely milled brass embossing dies. The embossing process works with pressure and heat, and each leather, each product must be treated differently. Did you know that all colors match across the entire leather and textile collection at BEARPAW? Black, darkbrown, honeybrown, or beige - each product is a match. 

Want to know why our leather and textile collection is the best the archery industry has to offer? Here you will find all the details.

Quick look at the product information:
  • Model: 3-finger archery glove
  • Colors: White, Black
  • View size chart here
  • Materials: Polyester & cordura
  • Recommendation: For sport and training oriented archers
  • Hand washable
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