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70500 Weekender Oskar

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What is the story behind this product? DOA COLLECTION - High quality products with more than one good purpose. "The name DOA is... more

What is the story behind this product?
DOA COLLECTION - High quality products with more than one good purpose.

"The name DOA is clearly connected to the people who taught me the values of responsibility, commitment, steadfastness and the principle of "give and take" in life. My mother Dorothea, my grandpa Oskar and my grandma Annelotte." - Tim Beier, CEO Bearpaw Products & Founder DOA Foundation. Starting in 2019 with small steps, the DOA Foundation will take a big step in 2020 - together with Buckle & Seam. Of the total revenue generated by the DOA Collection, 3% will go directly to the DOA Foundation's donation account. The DOA Foundation will use these donations for various activities, thus trying to make the world a better place for children/young people and students. But this is not the only part that creates something good. Through the partnership between BEARPAW and Buckle and Seam alone, 3% of the revenue generated by Buckle and Seam has also already gone to the girls' school in Karachi.

Why does the product have exactly this name?
Oskar, Tim's grandfather, was a strong reference person for him in his young years. When Oskar, together with his wife Annelotte, built up his own company shortly after the Second World War, he put an incredible amount of blood and sweat into it. Oskar has always been a visionary and ahead of his time. He was courageous and had very big dreams - he always gave his all. However, the company did not survive in the late 70s. For Oskar this was a major setback. The company he had built was suddenly gone. After a depression into which he had fallen, he had picked himself up again one day - also thanks to the strong support of his family. With a simple job in the horticultural sector he has built up his existence again. This path has shaped him and strongly influenced the values he was able to give to his 5 grandchildren.

For Oskar there were no weaknesses, you just have to be brave enough to become better. Every person is strong and you have to appreciate and above all respect each other. With this strong message we want to dedicate the Weekender in memory of him, a special person.


Your new travel companion - Weekender Oskar.
The long zipper on the Weekender Oskar helps you to pack your things more clearly. The carrying strap also allows you to carry Oskar comfortably by placing it comfortably on your shoulder. The material canvas is a high-quality cotton mixture, which is very dense and waxed. This makes the fabric very durable. The integrated leather elements are the absolute eye-catcher and give your bag a noble look. With the Weekender Oskar, nothing stands in the way of your wanderlust!

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