30077 Custom Bearpaw Limbs
30077 Custom Bearpaw Limbs
30077 Custom Bearpaw Limbs

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30077 Custom Bearpaw Limbs

700.00€ *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Handmade for you within 12 weeks
The perfect bow for you - design, functionality & aesthetics in your desired combination. The Mohawk is a legendary bow that offers... more
The perfect bow for you - design, functionality & aesthetics in your desired combination.

The Mohawk is a legendary bow that offers the archer and bowhunter for every need. Due to the wide selection of different risers and limbs, no wishes remain unfulfilled here. The Custom BLS limbs offer you the possibility to personalize performance and optics for your Mohawk Recurve or Hybrid bow. This way, arrow speed and performance can be increased significantly. In addition, here at Bodnik Bows we have some beautiful veneers available to build each pair of Custom limbs to your own personal desires and preferences and let your creativity run wild. Our Custom limbs can be combined with any BLS riser and are intricately hand built at Bodnik Bows. Each Custom BLS limbs are built in the Super Speed version. The limbs are composed of at least 8 different laminate layers. We use the Bodnik Bows Super Flex bamboo laminates as well as a layer of carbon and Stabil Core in the individual limbs to realize performance and precision at the highest level. In a personal consultation with BEARPAW PRODUCTS after your online purchase we will work with you to determine the basics of your Custom BLS limbs. Complete your order as usual. After completing the order you will receive an order confirmation by email. Within 3 working days the BEARPAW team will contact you & make an appointment with you for consultation.

Product information at a glance:
  • Available limbs: Recurve short, Recurve long, Hybrid
  • Draw weights: 20-100 lbs | 80-100 lbs with 100 Euro surcharge
  • Limbs: Super Speed limbs with different veneers
  • Warranty: 30-year Bodnik Bows warranty
You want to know more about the production of Bodnik Bows? Take a look here!
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