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Standard Cedar Wood Arrows in a full 32“ length! The characteristics unique to Port Orford Cedar have always made cedar the best... more

Standard Cedar Wood Arrows in a full 32“ length!

The characteristics unique to Port Orford Cedar have always made cedar the best all-around choice in wooden arrows. Thanks to its excellent modulus of elasticity, Port Orford Cedar arrows recover from the flex of the shot amazingly fast, they provide a controlled flexibility that gives you a fast yet stable arrow that is willing to stay straight for long periods of time! Port Orford Cedar is an incredible arrow wood, and you will find that in many of the archery tournaments and championships it is mandatory to shoot wooden arrows in the longbow classes, so why not shoot the best? Premium Port Orford Cedar wood shafts from Rose City Archery are the key foundation for our Bearpaw cedar wood arrows. Because we use only the best Rose City Port Orford cedar in our arrows, we can offer you the ultimate in; arrow efficiency, a wide variety of spine values to match any bow, and unmatched grain structure and inherent straightness. Quality Port Orford Cedar arrows are the best example of what an all-wood arrow can be. You can try, but you won't find any wood arrows that are better than our premium Bearaw cedar arrows.

Port Orford Cedar arrowa are, by far - our first choice in wooden arrows.

All these arrows have a length of 32 inches and come with the feathers and nocks installed. Please note that the arrows do NOT include tips. Tips must be ordered separately. This gives you the opportunity to customize your arrows in terms of your preferred arrow length and arrow spine. The length of the fletching and the peak weight depends on the specified spine values. The details of the fletching can be found in the published table. All our cedar wood arrows are finished with a high quality premium finish for protection from moisture and rain.

  • Available Spine Weights 5/16“: 30 - 50 lbs
  • Length: 32 Zoll
  • Fletching: Solid color natural feathers in; 3“, 4“, or 5“
  • Nocks: Bearpaw Traditional Nocks
  • Qality: Premium Quality
  • Finish: Premium Clear Lacquer
The exact details of feathers and nocks of the individual spin weights can be found in the published table.

Simply scroll down to order the tips you prefer!
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