44493 Custom Arrow Traditional Extreme Standard

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1.Choose spine
2.Choose shaft length
3.Penthalon Hunter Insert Long
4.Choose arrow point
5.Choose nock color
Color Hunter Nock
6.Choose feather colors



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These individual custom arrows are manufactured in our innovative arrow manufacturing facility by skilled craftsmen with great attention... more

These individual custom arrows are manufactured in our innovative arrow manufacturing facility by skilled craftsmen with great attention to detail and quality. The foundation of these individual carbon arrows are our prestigious Penthalon carbon shafts. When building your Bearpaw custom arrows, we use only the best materials!

In our Hunter series we use tough carbon arrows with a larger diameter at a great price. In this standard version of our custom arrows, you select the colors for your 4" shield feathers, your 3 D combo points and nocks that you prefer to create a special look for your arrows. You control the construction and design of these arrows by choosing from the various feather and nock colors and spine values to ensure consistent flight and good accurate grouping.

In an elaborate and propriatary manufacturing process, we have created an arrow that no one thought could be made! We have added a wafer-thin layer of ash on the outside of our tough, proven Penthalon Hunter carbon shafts. The process is so ingenious that these Penthalon Traditional Extreme arrows are extremely difficult to distinguish from a solid traditional wooden arrow shaft.

The Penthalon Traditional Extreme arrows have an outer layer of real wood!

  • Extreme durability
  • Extreme traditional look and feel
  • Spines Available: 300, 350, 400, 500 and 600
  • Straightness: 006“
  • Composition: 100% Carbon with Ash
  • Shaft Finish: Carbon Core, Ash wrapped Arrow
  • Points: Bearpaw 3D Combo Points
  • Feathers: 4" Shield
  • Feather Patterns: Solid Color „monochromatic“
  • Nocks: Penthalon Hunter Nocks
  • Production time: Approximately 2 weeks
In the submenu you will find our product configurator. You select from the various arrow components to create your own special custom arrows. All components offered are included in the base price.

For detailed technical data of our Penthalon carbon shafts click on the link below.

Here you can find the spintable with all necessary information.

Here you can find all technical data for our carbon shafts.

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Customer evaluation for "44493 Custom Arrow Traditional Extreme Standard"
7 May 2022

Amazing arrows!!!

I tried these just to see how these carbon arrows with wooden sleeves would behave and look like and so ordered three, and also to evaluate the quality of build of these custom arrows, and for me everything is perfect! Finish and cranftmanship is simply perfect. All choices fully respected and implemented. The arrows do not only look like wooden arrows, but fly like them too.
Shipping was also very quick.
Overall, I'm convinced and will be back for more, certainly.

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