10342 3 D Combopoint Stainless Steel 145 - 200 grain



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Well made, precision arrows are a necessity for accurate shooting, yet arrows can also be an art form - an expression of an... more

Well made, precision arrows are a necessity for accurate shooting, yet arrows can also be an art form - an expression of an archer's personal style. Our new 3D Combo tips are made from solid stainless steel which is an attractive silver color. Many of our customers have requested stainless steel points, and because of that, we now offer our 3D combo tips in high quality, attractive, stainless steel. These stainless steel points will never rust and every one comes with a special rubber O-ring to keep your tips in place and to eliminate arrow tip rattling. These stainless steel 3D combo tips are our first choice for all aluminum and carbon arrows. The 3D combo tip shape was carefully designed to minimize skipping on edge hits whether you're shooting round circle targets or 3D animal targets. Arrow points in the 65 grain - 125 grain range are the most popular weights in use by archers around the world for all aluminum and carbon arrows. So, of course, our 3D combo points are available in these weights. Our 145 grain - 200 grain 3D combo points facilitate the fine-tuning of your arrows. They allow you to adjust the center of gravity perfectly. With heavier points, you shift the balance point of an arrow toward the front. Arrows that balance closer to the tip stabilize more quickly at the shot and fly more efficiently than arrows that balance closer to the center of the arrow. With the heavier points, arrows are more forgiving and archers shoot more accurately, which is especially important on close up targets and smaller targets. Our 250 grain and 300 grain tips are mostly for bowhunters looking for better performance. These heavy points stabilize arrows extremely fast and they allow arrows to absorb more energy from the bow. With heavier arrows, your bow is much quieter and your arrows will deliver more penetration. These heavyweight tips are mainly used by bowhunters when practicing throughout the year for bowhunting.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Design: Screw-in tips for aluminum and carbon arrows perfect for 3D targets
  • Diameter: 5/16 inch (7,8 mm)
  • Weights: 145 grs, 175 grs, 200 grs
  • Color: Silver
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