Ideally, the draw hand is always in exactly the same position on the shooter\'s face when fully extended. It is attached to the inside of the forearm and serves to protect the bow arm from... read more »
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80037 Archery Kleber 50 Gramm
80037 Archery Glue 50 Gr (0)
80036 Archery Kleber 20 Gramm
80036 Archery Glue 20 Gr (0)
80035 Archery Kleber 10 Gramm
80035 Archery Glue 10 Gr (0)
80188 Befiederungsklebeband
80188 Bearpaw Fletching Tape (0)
80018 Archery Kleber Dosierspitze S
80018 Archery Super Glue Doser (0)
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