• Do I receive an order confirmation?
    After you have successfully completed your order in our online shop, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. If you did not receive an order confirmation, please search thoroughly in your inbox or your spam folder.
    If you entered a wrong email address in the excitement of the order, please contact the BEARPAW team for help: info@bearpaw-products.com
  • What can I do if I have received the wrong articles?
    If you have received an incorrect, too much or too less articles within your order, please contact the BEARPAW team and fill out the following form: Open returns form here.

  • What can I do if the ordered items are damaged or defective?
    If you have received a defective or damaged product from us, please contact the BEARPAW team. We will check the conditions of your order within 24 hours (working days). Please note that some products have special warranty conditions. Please also note that we only deal with items that have been ordered directly from us. All products purchased through a dealer must be clarified with the dealer.

  • Can I place questions about an order or complaint about BEARPAW products if I have ordered from a dealer?
    No. All orders placed locally or in a dealer's online shop will remain with that dealer. In such cases, please contact a contact person at your dealer directly.

  • I have received an order confirmation, but I have been waiting for the shipping notification for a while. Whats the the reason for that?
    Many of our products are in extremely high demand (especially Bodnik Bows). Accordingly, the delivery time for such products is longer. If you have ordered one of these products, please be prepared for the corresponding waiting time.

  • How quickly will my order be packed and shipped?
    We try our best to process all orders as fast as possible. Provided that your ordered items are available, all orders till 12 noon will be packed and shipped on the same day. All orders after 12.00 pm will be processed within 24 hours (working days).

  • What happens to my order if only some of the items are available?
    Ordinarily we delivery all our orders completely. However, since in many cases a partial delivery also makes sense, this is checked by the BEARPAW team. If you have a special request, please contact the BEARPAW team and give us your order number: info@bearpaw-products.com


  • How much shipping costs do I have to pay?
    Depending on your location or delivery address, the shipping costs will vary. Above a certain order value we enable our customers to receive the ordered products free of charge. You can find all information on this page: Payment & Delivery.

  • Do I have to pay any customs and tax costs that may be incurred?
    These potential additional charges are not covered or reimbursed by BEARPAW PRODUCTS. Since import duties and taxes vary from country to country, we recommend that you contact your local customs office for more information before placing your order.


  • Can I have my order delivered to a packing station or post office box?
    Shipping to a packing station is unfortunately not possible.

  • I made a mistake with my order or forgot something. Can I change it afterwards?
    Unfortunately, an already placed order cannot be changed. If you have forgotten an article or ordered too less, you are welcome to place a new order. If you have ordered one item too many, you can return it to us within 14 days after receipt of the delivery. Please note that we do not pay the shipping costs for the return shipment.


  • How do I return items? Where do I find the return label?
    If you wish to return an item, even though it is not an incorrect delivery or a complaint on our part, you can do so within 14 days of receipt of the delivery. In such cases we will not pay the costs for the return shipment. Therefore you will not find a free return label in your package or in your customer account. You can announce and create the return in the following form: Open return form. As soon as your return has been checked, you can bring the package to the post office on your own.

  • How long can I return my order?
    You can return your order to us within 14 days of receiving the delivery. Please note that you have to pay the return of your order by yourself.
  • How can I complain about an article?
    If an ordered article from us is defective, you can use our complaint form. As some of our products have certain guarantee conditions, your case will be examined after sending the form. If it is a "warrantable" complaint, you will be provided with appropriate measures. A warrantble complaint is defined in such a way that the fault lies with BEARPAW.
    Here you will find the form to fill out: Open returns form here

  • What refund will I receive in case of a warrantable complaint?
    In case of a warrantable complaint an article exchange will take place. This means that we will send you a new (and the same) article free of charge. At Bodnik Bows, your exchange sheet will of course be processed with priority.

  • What refund will I receive if I return an item at my expense?
    Usually we offer you a BEARPAW voucher, which you can easily redeem with your next order.

  • What do I do with the defective item if it has already been replaced?
    Whether you can return the defective product free of charge or other measures are taken is always decided by the BEARPAW team after reviewing your case. You will be informed accordingly.


  • Which payment methods are accepted at BEARPAW?
    We offer PayPal, credit card, advance payment, instant bank transfer, SEPA and invoice. The payment methods linked to Klarna are only valid in the following countries: Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Austria.

  • When will I receive my bill?
    If you have selected "invoice" as payment method, the contact person for any questions regarding this is Klarna directly. Accordingly, you will receive your invoice by e-mail from Klarna as soon as your order is shipped. We recommend the Klarna App - here you can view your payments/invoice at any time.

  • Why can I not place an order via invoice?
    Klarna will check the payment method "invoice". It happens that Klarna does not approve every purchase. If you have any questions, please contact Klarna directly. You can always choose another payment method in our online shop and still complete your order without any problems.


  • How do I redeem a voucher?
    If your voucher was issued before June 2020, you must have your voucher deducted manually by sending an e-mail to info@bearpaw-products.com. If you would like to redeem such a voucher, it is best to place your order via our online shop shortly before or contact us directly so that we can enter it together.
    All vouchers issued after June 2020 can be entered and redeemed on the payment page in the lower field. The amount will be deducted automatically.

  • I forgot to cash my coupon. Can I have this voucher charged retroactively?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem a voucher for an order that has already been placed. You can redeem your voucher with your next order.

  • Can I redeem several vouchers with one order?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem several vouchers with one order. Excluded from this are special offers. Here it is expressly communicated that they can be combined with other actions.


  • Can i redeem my voucher on all products?
    In principle, you can redeem your voucher on any product, but Bodnik Bows and the BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM are excluded.


My customer account

  • I have forgotten my password. What can I do?
    Please go to the registration page in the online shop. There you can click on "Forgot password" under the password field. You will then receive an e-mail.
  • Where can I view my orders?
    After you have logged in to the online shop, it is possible to view all your orders. Note: Orders before May 2020 will not be displayed there.

  • Where can I change my address?
    After you have logged in, you can change your address at any time in your customer account under "Addresses". Furthermore, you have the possibility to add further addresses.

  • Where can I change the payment method?
    After you have logged in, you can change your primary payment method in your customer account under "Payment methods".

  • Where can I change my e-mail address?
    After you have logged in, you can change your e-mail address at any time under "Personal data".

  • Where can I change my password?
    After you have logged in, you can change your password at any time in your customer account in the area "Personal data".

  • How can I delete my customer account?
    If you have decided to delete your customer account, please contact the BEARPAW team: info@bearpaw-products.com


  • How and when can I reach the BEARPAW team?
    You can reach us by phone 24 hours a day under the following number: +49 (0) 9565 616 88 0. Furthermore you can send us an e-mail to info@bearpaw-products.com. You will receive an answer within 48 hours (working days).

  • How long does it take until I receive an answer via e-mail?
    Every e-mail will be answered within 48 hours (working days). Please note that it may take a little longer with higher volumes.



  • What are the BLS products from BEARPAW?
    The "BLS" from BEARPAW means: BEARPAW LIMB SYSTEM (formerly: Mohawk). Behind this is a closed take down system, which allows you as a customer a high quality and variability. You can choose between many different handles and limbs and combine them. You can choose between 13, 17 and 19 inch handles. Our selection of limbs offers you: Recurve short or long and hybrid.


  • Can I combine old Mohawk products with the new BLS?
    Yes! You can combine old handles (Mohawk) with the new BEARPAW Limbs. Furthermore, old limbs can be combined with the new BLS handles - see exception below.


  • Are there any exceptions when combining old Mohawks & the BLS?
    Yes, the first Big Bear version is not compatible with today's BLS products. Furthermore, all ILF products from other brands are also not compatible. The BLS is a closed system.


  • What is the delivery time of a Bodnik Bow?
    The delivery time of our Bodnik Bows depends on two important factors: Demand and production. The current delivery time of a Bodnik Bow is about 9 months (as of Q1 2023).


  • What is the delivery time of a Custom Bodnik Bow?
    A Custom Bodnik Bow, no matter which model, has a delivery time of about 3 months.


For dealers/Collaboration with BEARPAW PRODUCTS

  • How can i become a BEARPAW PRODUCTS dealer?
    We are looking forward to meet you! To get in touch with us, please fill out this form. During a few working days we will contact you.


  • How can i order as a dealer?
    You can register yourself already at our online shop. For the correct setting of your dealer account you need to fill out the form.


Questions about archery

  • Where can i do archery?
    Archery courses are spread all over the world. There you can go archery by purchasing a card. Please note, however, that in most cases you will need equipment. In some cases you can organize rental equipment on site..


    BEARPAW COUNTRY is a worldwide course network from BEARPAW PRDUCTS. With BEARPAW COUNTRY we want to create unique places where archery enthusiasts can come together and create unforgettable experiences - alone or together with family and friends. We pursue the goal of making this unique sport socially acceptable and easy to experience all over the world.


  • Where do i find BEARPAW COUNTRY courses?
    You can find the courses here: BEARPAW COUNTRY.


  • Where can i buy tickets for BEARPAW COUNTRY?
    You can buy tickets for BEARPAW COUNTRY courses here. If you can't find an online ticket, register on site.


  • I would like to buy a beginner set, where can I order it?
    We have put together various sets for beginners in archery. You can see them here. Choose the right set between the sizes.


  • I am overwhelmed and do not know the technical terms in archery, where can I look up?
    We have explained all the important terms for you in our archery lexicon.



  • BEARPAW Store opening hours
    You can check the opening hours of the BEARPAW store here.
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