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The ongoing Corona crisis is a daily challenge for everyone. The supreme discipline in times of crisis lies, among other things, in maintaining the right mindset and looking for hidden potential. Over the past 2 years, this mindset has helped us to overcome the challenging times and move forward. Starting from January 2022, we want to launch a new project to motivate even more people to join an exciting balance and challenging sport.

Our BEARPAW store at the main location was exposed to many changes due to the Corona crisis. Months of lockdown, hygiene concepts such as spacing, number of visitors and masks. Most recently, our store was also impacted by the 2G rule. From January 2022, our store will be closed until beginning of June 2022. The expected opening will take place in mid-June 2022. We would like to take advantage of this "troubled" time and realize a complete reconstruction of our headquarter. We are making this investment consciously with the goal of offering people a special archery experience. Characterized by fun, enthusiasm and shared times with loved ones or for yourself. In order to make shopping fun for all our future visitors, a modern, high-quality and larger store will be built. In addition to this unique shopping experience, an indoor shooting range will be built. Directly connected to the store, our visitors will be able to test the products at their leisure and see for themselves. The indoor shooting range will also serve the purpose of bringing all our courses and unique events back to BEARPAW. Everyone will be welcome and find what they are looking for - whether a beginner or an experienced archer. We look forward to making this rebuild a reality and will keep you updated on the ongoing project on social media and in our newsletter. You don't get a BEARPAW newsletter yet? Sign up here. A grand opening is also being planned - don't miss it!

The investment is not only to build a new type of store concept, but also to create a place for our dealers to share opportunities and future potential. Always with the common goal of keeping archery fit for the future.

Important note: The online orders are not affected by this. Our online store and all orders will be processed as usual, as our logistics center is not affected by this project.


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