Ideally, the draw hand is always in exactly the same position on the shooter\'s face when fully extended. It is attached to the inside of the forearm and serves to protect the bow arm from... read more »
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The basis for a successful cooperation: BEARPAW PRODUCTS is the exclusive distributor of Bodnik Bows worldwide.
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Buckle & Seam is part of BEARPAW PRODUCTS.
Configure a string according to your needs.
Discover the hidden potential of your child through archery.
Are you ready to experience archery?
Are you looking for an environmentally friendly face target?
In the mood to learn? We start again with the launch of classes.
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Sustainable & fair products to start the summer for archery.
Finally the time has come, we open our store with a unique event & many great promotions!
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The BEARPAW store will temporarily close from 03 January to beginning of June 2022.
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Before a product arrives at your doorstep it has already come a long way. Material sourcing, production, transport and shipping: these are the main factors that make up the carbon footprint of this product.

In our store you can reduce the carbon footprint of your order and support selected climate protection projects.

Together we act against climate change!

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